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The Beale Park Boat Show

Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th June

Setting up day (Thursday) for the boat show was a busy time. Cygnet to move down to our pitch, the marque and gazebo to be erected, and the mooring pontoon to be serviced and made safe for the public.

Many thanks to all who helped with this vital work. Below are some pictures taken during the four days.

Pre Season Work party News

The boiler inspection carried out on 28th May

David our SBAS inspector, thoroughly check the boiler cold and empty, then after fitting the boiler doors we filled up with water and lit the fire to raise steam.

The steam test with safeties roaring was carried out to the inspectors satisfaction and we were complete by about 2pm. Do you know we didn't even test the engine as there was so much other work that needed to be done for the Lottery grant project.

Re launching Consuta 23rd May

What a lovely day

As usual we only took about an hour to touch up the antifoul then get Consuta lifted back into the water.

This craning always has risks but we certainly manage well on the day.

Thank you to Roy our crane operator.

Also many thanks to all who came along and helped out, even cleaning up our mooring jetty ready for the Boat Show.

Final prep work on Consuta 5rd May

There were three main tasks for our helpers, 1st to paint the boiler backhead, 2nd finish maintenance work on some steam valves, and 3rd to start re-painting the hull antifoul.

After the morning's work some of us had a jolly good meal at the Streatley Bull. Following lunch Paul Lyn and myself returned to Consuta, Paul wanted to check out for any wear or adjustments needed to the engine and also continue work on antifouling the hull.

The backhead first coat - looks a bit glossy to me            stern section now antifouled

The next major work task will be to help at the re-launch Consuta now arranged for Tuesday morning 23rd May, help always welcome or just come along and watch.

Also if you are interested we are hoping to take delivery of our exhibition unit very soon - if you want to know more about this, please contact me by email

Work on Cygnet and Consuta on 21st April

Despite access difficulties we managed to get quite a bit done, even under supervision.

Part of the morning was used to moved Cygnet's trailer into the tithe barn and get ready to place Cygnet on it. This will involved the purchase of a few items to make Cygnet secure on the trailer.

Moving Cygnet's trailer then untying the two sections of Ulula, a 30ft Saunders hull cut in half?

Well that's the bow bit sorted but what is the best way to move the stern?

It is surprising how much can be done with half a dozen folk lifting

If you are wondering why this early 30ft Saunders hull was cut into two pieces I don't know, but it should provide a useful future exhibit for the museum showing how stitched hulls were made.

Above shows a scratch sustained at the Boat Show last year, a bit of touch up here should cure this.

We've had a lot of trouble finding a paint that will stay on the backhead of the boiler. Lots of different paints have been tried. This time - on the left is an undercoat called Bonda Rust primer and - on the right is an undercoat called Corroless S Rust Treatment Killer Inhibiting Primer, good for 200C. The topcoat will be finished in Hammerite smooth black, over the top to see the results.

Greg S has suggested "Fortress" black satin paint from B&Q has been successful on Gondola's boiler - decisions - decisions, what shall we do?


Sad News - Richard Howard died - Saturday 18 March 2017

Richard Howard was Chairman of the Child Beale Trust, this Trust's popular wild life park had been managed by Richard ever since it first opened some 60 years ago.

Richard was a keen ornithologist following in the footsteps of his great Uncle Gilbert Beale and has been the main driving force to help keep the park viable for 60 years; quite a challenge with all the modern options that vie for the attentions of young families.

Richard's other main hobby was model boats; he amassed a collection estimated at over 2000 models, some of these are on display at the park pavilion.

Richard has been a valued friend of the Consuta Trust and a personal friend of mine - we shall greatly miss Richard. Our condolences to all the family.

The funeral was held Wednesday 29th March for the family.

First work party of 2017

March 24th

Never sure how many supporters will be coming along, so pleasantly surprised that we had 10 helpers plus three visitors

First task was to remove all the extra covers placed over Consuta in November. There was now plenty of space in the shed with room to set up the table and chairs inside

The photo on the far left show results of a bit of polishing, was this a competition?.

You know I don't think we ever did clean the tubes during the 2016 season, mind you a hard burst on the engine usually does this quite well.

Looking at boiler drawings, and sizing something up - now what's this all about? - more later.

All went reasonably well except one of the boiler feed check shut off cocks was seized and the spindle sheared when applying a little force - oops! So how do we fix this?. However we now have a very nice vice courtesy of Adrian, so only need the work bench?

The Consuta Winter Social

14th February 2017

Yes we did have a Consuta social this year but needed to change the venue at short notice

Twenty Consuta supporters came to the Swan near Pangbourne where we had the use of the whole gallery which overlooks the river; for more about the social look at our facebook page for photos.

Any suggestions for a venue for next year?

Consuta moved under cover for the Winter

A Working morning 19th December

A small work party moved several large items out of the old cow shed to make room for Consuta.

The photos above show Cygnet with temporary dust sheets in the Tithe Barn and a large model of the Bismark being moved. Other boats moved from the shed to the barn were a flying fifteen and a 12ft sailboat. The front tow hitch on the disco was very useful. We were then able to move Consuta into the shed out of the winter weather; it just started to rain at this point.

Consuta activities in October

Lifting Consuta from the water Wednesday 26th October

The crane had been booked about three weeks before the date so there is never any guarantee about weather conditions. Fortunately on the day it was not too cold even the sun came out by about 9:30am. Roy with the crane was there before 9:00, Consuta was already by the slipway when we finally got the trailer into the field. The craning went like clockwork, the hull was cleaned and washed down, but then there was a problem putting her onto the trailer, eventually resolved and due to one of the pads not being in the correct position.

Consuta now on the trailer, was soon back by the Cowshed at about 10:30, unfortunately we were not able to put her under cover so she has to remain out in the open.

.............He thinks I can't see where we are going ............ All sheeted up ready for leaving out in the open

It really is a great shame that such an important historical launch has to be kept outside.
We then adjoined to the Bull at Streatley, which had some new menus with special discounts for the day; everyone enjoyed a lovely luncheon after a successful mornings work.

The season has all ended well so that's it until next year; but we have some exciting plans for 2017.

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