So why get involved?

Well there are probably as many reasons as the trust has supporters.

For some it will be the feeling of bringing something very special to life. Turning up early on a fine summer morning, preparing the fire in the boiler and feeling Consuta transform from cold steel and wood to a living thing as the fire takes hold and the boiler comes into steam.

For others it will be the relaxing chance to explore the river simply as a passenger ( first class seating is at the front and Consuta has an extremely powerful kettle ).

Something always needs polishing, fixing or improving - heaven for those of us who enjoy such things.

Getting involved is also a way of avoiding the expense of owning a boat on the river. Many of our supporters contribute a small ammount each month by standing order, the equivalent of a pint of beer or a fancy coffee each week. For this they can help operate a Historic Thames Launch that has far more prestige than any of the modern plastic cruisers.

Consuta operates on the River Thames near Reading between May and October but there are also regular maintenance meetings throughout the winter to provide an excuse to make more tea!

The Consuta Trust always welcomes new supporters. All we would like is your enthusiastic support for this interesting Heritage Project. There are regular quarterly "News Letters" issued to our supporter group.

For details of the Consuta Supporters club please press here


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