Crane out Picture Page - Friday 29th November 2002


Raising steam at Beale Park

Looking over the lake to the car park, the mist has almost cleared.


The King Lifting crane ready with the lifting cradle at the Environment Agency site just opposite Gatehampton Manor and the old ferry station.

Consuta is in the water but just out of sight.

Up she comes, a bit dirty from a year in the water.

Look at the size of that propeller

This is a rare sight of Consuta showing the underwater lines.

The large propeller and the small rudder


Note that the first part of the boat to hit the bottom is the prop, so great care needs to be taken if the water looks shallow

Yes one or two of the volunteers are finishing cleaning the hull.

Others are relaxing now the major part of the task is over.


Alan Douglas provided this closeup looking up into the tunnel stern.

No apparent damage here from that trapped log we had early in the season.