Consuta joins other steamboats at the SBA Rally based at the Scout site near Marlow - 31st August /1st September
Consuta stops at Harleyford for a picnic lunch on the way down river from Wargrave.
The coal used was a little smokey but it produced the steam
Consuta just by the Scout Longridge camp site near Marlow on the Saturday.

This was the base of the Steamboat Association rally.


The party take a splendid pub lunch at The Ferry just by the old Cookham road bridge.

Consuta was returning form a short downriver trip to Boulter's Lock through the very attractive Clivdon reach.

After lunch, Consuta made the 16 mile trip back getting to Wargrave by 6:00pm

Some of the Steam Boat Association boats leaving Cookham lock on Sunday.

Consuta is at the end of the line.