Mid Thames Floods, Summer 2007

Goring weir and lock

The normal water level drop at Goring is just under 6 feet

The approach lay-by moorings are under water.

Boats are in the lock chamber for safety.


The lake at Beale Park

Consuta on the pontoon

Our pontoon is held at the normal lake waters edge but is now accessed by a bit of wading.

Photo taken on Tuesday 24th July, warm and sunny.

 Canoeing activity  Adventure Dolphin!


The Swing Bridge

The view is looking towards the river from the cut at Beale Park.

The swing bridge is nearly awash

The weir at Whitchurch

This photo is taken from the car park at the Pangbourne Swan

The weir is normally visable  10 to 20 feet down stream from the walkway

Trad Boat Rally

Ivor Slee sent this photo taken during Sunday morning as river levels were rising.

The public were asked to leave the site as the meadow started to flood.